Good night, Sweet Prince

Friend, be a man! Women weep for the dead; men avenge them! #TheThreeMusketeers #Quotes #Literature #AlexandreDumas

Things I’ve Learned

  1. Follow your heart and do what you love, and you will be happy.
  2. Life is like that kids toy with the holes and the shapes: don’t try to force things to work out. You’re probably just trying to jam the star piece into the triangle hole, so if you sit back and look at it things will make sense and come together.
  3. You don’t find love; it finds you.
  4. Don’t live a life full of “what if’s”.
  5. Good things are totally worth the wait.
  6. If someone is supposed to be in your life, they’ll turn back up. If they don’t, then they weren’t supposed to be there.
  7. When you stop searching for the thing you want the most, it turns up out of the blue on your doorstep.
  8. You are never too old for pillow forts.
  9. If it’s meant to be, it will be.
  10. If you make a promise, keep it. Your word is your honor and your bond.
  11. It’s not how pretty you are on the outside, but how beautiful of a person you are on the inside.
  12. Change adds up.
  13. Always tip your servers/baristas/strippers. ALWAYS.
  14. Karma points add up, and it’s better to have too many than to be in the negatives.
  15. Gentlemen are like legendary pokemon: rare, hard to find, harder to catch, but once you do they sure are a keeper.
  16. What would Scooby-Do?
  17. March to your own drum/accordion/trombone.
  18. You are you, so be yourself and don’t try to squeeze into some mold or label that others give you. You’re not jello.
  19. Books are meant to be read, loved, and enjoyed. That means that it’s ok to write in the margins, highlight, underline, circle, dog-ear pages and break the spine.
  20. Hugs do wonders.
If I was ever to become a pirate, this is why my life on the high seas would be like.
Let’s run away together.


Recently I asked a question on whether or not antiques should be worn which sparked a wonderful debate on the value we place on historic items.  The popular opinion was that antiques were meant to be cherished.  A month ago I was examining a heap of dirty fabric when I caught site of an embroidered scallop.  Recognizing the piece for what it was I bought the pile with the hopes that I might be able to rejuvenate it. 

From that dusty pile I was not only able to restore the fabric to it’s original condition but, I was able to give the piece a new life.  The gown is entirely hand stitched and I made sure that my best stitches went into attaching the antique net to the side panels of modern net. 

The ball gown was worn to the Regency Society of Tennessee’s 2nd annual ball.  The antique net is courtesy of a dodgy vendor at the local market and the swiss batiste was purchased from The Lace Cottage.  I’m very thankful to the Travellers Rest Plantation & Museum for allowing me to take photos on their stunning ground and to my brillaint Mother for styling my hair!

LOTR and Star Wars crossover? I just might be in love.

LOTR and Star Wars crossover? I just might be in love.

Let’s run away here and start our lives over here. Because, why not?

Crazy Music Beat Sound Wave Square Thingy

Alright, so this is pretty cool. What you do is you click on one of the tiny squares in the big square and it lights up and plays a tone and sends out a sound wave through the rest of the board. The more squares you light up in the more various places, the more the sound waves interact with each other and the cooler sounding beat you have. Check it out!

Just something cool I found....